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What is an Animated Video Series?

An animated video series is a collection of interconnected animated videos that follow a consistent style, theme, or storyline.

These series utilize animation techniques to bring characters, concepts, and narratives to life, providing an engaging and visually appealing viewing experience.

Animated video series are often used in various contexts, such as educational content, marketing campaigns, or entertainment purposes, to deliver information or entertainment in a cohesive and captivating manner.

Examples of Animated Video Series

Field Routes

Online Payment Explainer Video

Field Routes

Online Customer Explainer Video

Field Routes

CRM Explainer Video

Incredible Hearts Video 1

Community Explainer Video

Incredible Hearts Video 2

Community Explainer Video

Incredible Hearts Video 3

Community Explainer Video


App Explainer Video


Stock Trading Explainer Video


Stock Trading Explainer Video

Our Process

Streamlined and effective. Our work process ensures a hassle-free experience, delivering exceptional results every time.


Understand your project vision through our questionnaire, shaping a tailored video that resonates with your audience.

Script Writing

Craft compelling narratives that captivate and convey your story effectively.

Voice-over Recording

Enhance your video with professional voice artists who bring depth and emotion to your message.


Visualize your video’s flow and aesthetics with detailed storyboards for your approval.

Animation & Sound Design

Bring your project to life with captivating visuals and carefully curated audio.


Ensure your satisfaction with unlimited revisions, refining your video until it exceeds your expectations.

Client Reviews

First time working with the team and extremely pleased with their work. They delivered exactly as I envisioned. Impressive!

Camilla Harrington

4.5 Stars

Another outstanding delivery! A big thank you to Upexplainer and the entire team.

Camilla Harrington

4.5 Stars

Consistently impressive work! Rapid response and revisions, exceptional communication from start to finish, and top-notch professional videos.


4.5 Stars

This marks our fourth order with Upexplainer. The team consistently demonstrates excellent customer service, a willingness to accommodate revisions, and consistently delivers outstanding videos.


4.5 Stars

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